West Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyers

These days, you cannot drive far without seeing oil wells and derricks dotting the West Texas landscape. With the energy boom comes a need for thousands of oil field workers, many of whom may lack the training necessary to properly do the job for which they were hired. Too many young workers, swayed by the possibility of making good money and providing financial security for their families' futures, are being seriously injured and killed.

At Kerby & Wade, P.C., we fight nonstop for these workers and their families. Because oil field accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, many young workers will never be able to work again. From our office in Lubbock and throughout West Texas, we meet with victims who need someone to stand up for their rights.

Lubbock Oil Rig Accident Attorneys Who Know The Law Inside And Out

Pursuing compensation for oil field accidents is difficult, thanks to current Texas legislation. Because the injured workers' employer is often protected by workers' compensation insurance, it may be necessary to hold a third party liable for the injuries.

We will work aggressively to attempt to increase your compensation.

As experienced, skilled personal injury attorneys and civil litigators, we know how to examine the evidence and determine if there is a case to be made for damages. We will pursue every opportunity available to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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