Business Litigation Attorneys In Lubbock

As a small-business owner, it is likely hard to quantify the amount of work that you put into making your business thrive. When you are faced with a lawsuit, you can end up losing a lot if you do not have the right legal representation.

At Kerby & Wade, P.C. in Lubbock, Texas, we have extensive experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in all types of business litigation, including:

Successful Trial Lawyers Resolving Business Disputes Across West Texas

As your attorneys, we will do the hard work of examining financial records, contracts and other agreements to determine the best course of action. We will always provide you with practical legal advice that keeps your business's best interests at heart.

We know that running a business is hard. Our law firm is also a small business. We know what is at stake for you if you do not achieve a positive outcome. Our work representing both plaintiffs and defendants means we can anticipate the arguments that the other side will make. We know how to cast doubt on arguments and evidence, and we will not hesitate to provide aggressive representation on your behalf, if necessary.

Do Not Go Through Litigation Without The Right Representation

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