Lubbock Breach Of Contract Lawyers

Usually individuals and business owners enter into contracts because they want an ironclad agreement on whatever it is they are attempting to accomplish. When one party violates the terms — by producing an inferior product, refusing to pay, refusing to deliver on a service — there is the opportunity for legal recourse.

We here at Kerby & Wade, P.C. take the enforcement of contracts seriously. As your lawyers, we will work hard on your behalf to protect your rights and pursue compensation if a breach of contract has caused you harm.

West Texas Contract Dispute Attorneys With A Long Track Record Of Success

Our peers, clients and judges in Lubbock and throughout the region know us for the effective, thorough representation we provide for our clients in these matters.

As your lawyers, we will handle the difficult work of reviewing contracts and gathering evidence while you can concentrate on what is most important: continuing to run your business. Because we represent plaintiffs and defendants in this type of legal matter, we can see potential pitfalls and plan accordingly.

Speak To An Experienced Lawyer When Your Business Suffers Due To Breach Of Contract

These types of cases are extremely complex and require an intense attention to detail of the terms of the contract. We have the deep knowledge of contract law necessary to protect your rights as a business owner. Call our office at 806-793-7600 to schedule a free consultation. Hablamos español.