Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys In Lubbock

We all know that accidents happen, but one of the worst things about drunk driving accidents is that they are completely avoidable. When people choose to drink too much and still get behind the wheel, they are not just putting their own safety at risk.

At Kerby & Wade, P.C. , we aggressively represent victims of drunk driving accidents and their families.

Sticking Up For The Families Of People Killed By Drunk Drivers

A drunk driving accident could leave you severely injured and unable to work and provide for your family. If a loved one was killed, you will also have to pay for medical and funeral costs, not to mention the pain of losing a family member.

Texas law allows victims of drunk driving accidents to sue for punitive damages, which go above and beyond compensatory damages. Punitive damages can send a message to the drunk driver and anyone else who thinks of making the same mistake.

While we realize the damages you may be able to recover will never make up for your pain and suffering, they can discourage others from recklessly getting behind the wheel after drinking.

As experienced litigators, we will fight for your rights and work as hard as we can to recover a suitable amount of compensation. We will investigate the details of the accident and explore every possible avenue of recovery on your behalf.

Contact Experienced West Texas Attorneys If You Were Hit By A Drunk Driver

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